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  1. Frater I.O.P.A.U.
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    Greetings to all, and through LUX may we be carried. The article overall was very informative, and accurate insofar as my knowledge extends. I simply wanted to add a small contribution to the understanding of Enochian work as it stands at our modern epoch. In the last paragraph there is reference to the “schools of thought” regarding the “Enochian System”. My contribution would be to state that effectively, there is no system of implematation for Enochiana that accompanies the text of Dr. Dee and Kelley. As such, various currents of magical energy have successfully adopted aspects of Enochiana into their systems to great effect. However, there are draw backs to each system of use (as would seem to be a universal principle when one deals with power exceeding the confines of normal human rationality). The chief setback reflected in different ways accordingly is the apparent inability of a single system to incorporate all aspects of enochiana as it was revealed. I avidly encourage all souls inclined to the esoteric arts to devote some amount of time, and energy to the full “earthing” of this radically powerful branch of divine knowledge. One can only imagine the full extent of the capabilities of Enochiana considering how potent mere aspects have proved when combined with existing forms of magic.
    In LUX,
    Frater I.O.P.A.U.

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    very interesting

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