How War Changed Over Time

War has changed from time to time over the past hundreds of years. In Ancient times, the wars happen for a reason like capturing a land, or to seizing week empires land. But in this centuries the war took place because of advanced technology, politics, business (oil mines, gold mines, etc.), religious matter, etc. now a day’s war happens for a plenty of reasons. As the time changes, the style of war also changes and now the weapons are on the next level in advanced technology. Let’s see about ancient wars and modern wars.

Ancient War to Modern War-Ancient wars that happen over the past thousands of years is taking place in a huge area which is far away from the Kingdom at that time. It is clean and an open land and the war happen with the swards, bow, and arrow, Spear, Battle Axe, Ballista, Mace, Katana, Gladius, War Hammer, Scimitar, Ranseur, etc. these are the most used weapons at that time.

From the 17th centuries, these are the most used weapons in war, which took over the ancient weapons such as Sharps Rifle, Winchester Rifle, Winchester Shotgun, Colt Single Action Army Revolver, Springfield Allin Conversion 1866 Rifle, etc. these make the major changes from sward, bow, and arrow, Battle Ax, etc. to a next level weapon. As the new weapon arrives the technology also take the next step. In world war 1 the advancement in weapons and in technology is amazing which takes the war to the next level with the help of Rifles, automatic Machine guns, heavy Mortars„ Flamethrowers (long distance), Poison gas (chemical weapons), Tanks (with defense system), Aircraft, Submarines, etc. from the 17th-18th centuries, having the most high tech weapons in world war 1.

Because of this advanced technology the war took to a next level and the loss of lives are around 16 million people are dead; this makes it a world war 1. At the time and technology changes, and the effect of World War 1 is not gone than World War 2 happen in 1939. In worlds war 2 the changes and updated weapons come such as Sturmgewehr 44, MG34, Bran Infantry LMG, Thompson Sub-machine Gun, The Stan Gun, Lee-Enfield Rifle, etc. These all are the upgraded weapons at that time, it comes to the long range shooting with long-range bullets with scopes (binocular) fixed in it.

The major changes in weapons come in Atomic Bomb or it is also called as Hydrogen Bomb. All other weapons are made up of metallic and gunpowder. But this Hydrogen Bomb comes in the branch of chemical weapons. These weapons are strong enough to destroy the thousands of miles in area. The area which is covered with this chemical weapons range, there will be no living things will leave behind. It will also affect the surrounding area of its target. This is causing a huge extreme damage and loss which is unbelievable. Today many countries having this technology to use it in an emergency or to use it for defense systems. The countries like USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA, etc. are the strongest country by having a good military and a good home defense system this leads to them in the top country in the world. Like this from ancient weapons like sword, bow and arrow, axes, etc. to these modern weapons like automatic machine guns, hi-tech tanks, rockets, hi-tech Missile (range of above 10 thousand km), and the chemical booms like hydrogen, and atomic power. This is the top technology in the world this whole technology invented from This is the top technology in the world this whole technology invented from last 200 150 years and give the ultra weapons to the world.