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What Is Occultism

We demystify the myths, beliefs, and misconceptions around Occultism. We provide philosophical concepts surrounding this “religion” and give a detailed and comprehensive report of the lifestyle of occults.

We provide examples of influential people who believe in this culture and how it influences the way of life of its believers.

We demystify the myth that we use evil spirits and consult the underworld when running our activities. We are here to educate the modern and enlightened generation of the origin and the state of this religion, including its relevance in contemporary society.

We go a step further to look at legal implications for this culture in line with human rights principles. We draw the line between civilization and Occultism.

Does Occultism have a religious and scientific backup?
As mentioned earlier, these are parallel disciplines, and Occultism tends to be the opposite of biblical concepts. They are contrary to the ten commandments of the bible. As much as there are results from their practices, scientists have tried by all means to give a scientific back upon it and failed. That explains why the three disciplines are parallel. Science believes in practical solutions. Occultism purely deals with supernatural power, the challenge in the science behind the magical powers that scientists fail to see in their mandate to provide answers.

Where do they meet? What are the differences and similarities? We give a platform for researchers to use our site and followers to do their academic research and write their published works to provide the public with a positive overview of this culture and religion.

At the individual level, we give you a chance to have an online and physical interaction of occult believers and get information from the horse’s mouth rather than relying on rumors and online sources that may lack the originality of the data.