7 Best Selling Occultist Books on Amazon

Several years ago, many people hid their love for reading occultist books. They kept their reading habit a secret because they feared societal judgment.

But… Alas!

They were surprised to find out that more people were into reading occultist books than they thought.  

In the past two decades, occultist books garnered more fans and enthusiasts. This has seen many bookstores today featuring specific sections for occultist items. Some stores even focus on selling only occultist books.

For example, Vera Stanley Alder’s autobiography, “Finding of the Third Eye,” has sold over 50,000 copies, and the four volumes on “Karmic Astrology” by Martin Schulman sell copies in thousands each year.

Here’re are the best-selling occultist books on Amazon with some selections available as hard copies in your online or offline library:

1. The Shooter’s Bible

This is one of the best reference books for gun collectors and gun enthusiasts, no matter the age of the person. This comprehensive book has been published every year for almost a decade.


Many people buy the book because it gives a guide for new firearms and how they’re specified. It also discusses the many guns that had been produced years ago and still on the market.

Authored and edited by Jay Cassell, the editorial director at Skyhorse Publishing, this popular book has scripted almost every manufacturer of firearms.

The 111th edition of this book has existing and new ammunition accessories. It also has an updated handgun section and tables on rifles alongside charts that show currently available projectiles and bullets.

If you want to learn how to increase the longevity of your rifle, this is the book for you. With multiple ar 15 bolt carrier group accessories listed, you’ll get the information you need to make your rifle reliable and durable for smooth operation.

Necessary for all beginners and experienced firearm collectors and hunters, this book has timely features on the newest firearm products on the market. It also covers both color and black-and-white photographs of various firearm models.

2. The Forbidden Universe

This is an occultist book by Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett. The book explains the origin of science and the search for ways that God created everything, including the Catholic Church.

It captures a debate among the secret societies, mystics, scientists, and the ways of God.

The Forbidden Universe reveals how the modern science foundations aimed at destroying the church in “The Templar Revelation” and “Mary Magdalene” bestselling authors.

3. Unlimited Memory

The book Unlimited Memory explains how humans can use advanced learning strategies to be fast learners, more productive, and even remember more.

The writer, Kevin Horsley, is an internationally renowned grandmaster in memory, and a two-time memory world recorder.

Kevin Horsley, in “Unlimited Memory,” explains that when you find yourself in a situation in which you can’t remember anything and your memory has been failing you, then basically, it’s your fault.

He says that just like in athletics when you want to become a better athlete, you have to train daily. It would be best if you also worked on your ways of developing a great memory. 

4. For the Hell of It

Written by Cate Corvin, a Goodreads Author, “For the Hell of It” is a book on steamy romance for older readers of at least 18 years.

According to the book, when demons capture the character and force it into the fight of the Seventh Circle of Hell, it must stay alive. This should occur for a time long enough to enable the character to find its way back to Heaven and destroy the archangels who betrayed her.

She mentions that the character is pure and innocent, and the demons will have a good time corrupting her. The character considers herself as no saint and mentions that if Heaven doesn’t accept her, she will be bad for the Hell of it.

5. Spirit Legacy

E.E. Holmes is the writer of this wonderful occultist book.


It’s one of the three thrilling novels that Holmes wrote in the Gateway Trilogy series. It’s an engaging thriller book for young adults.

It’s about a young woman, Jess Ballard, who is sharp-witted. The discovery of her psychic talents is just the beginning of her coming-of-age journey that’s singular.

6. Tears of the Silenced

This story by Misty Griffin, a Goodreads Author, is an attention-capturing true story that unravels the journey of an activist who went through child abuse and sexual assault.

At the age of 6, Misty’s family started living and dressing like the Amish. They were kept as slaves on a mountain ranch where they were isolated and sexually abused. She went through a lot with her sister.

Misty had to get help from a tiny police station in rural Minnesota because the Amish sex abusers were only shunned for about six weeks. And, this never seemed to work.

After reporting the bishop of the church, she left the Amish and got herself into a strange modern world.

7. The Alchemist

This story is about a young shepherd called Santiago. He found a treasure beyond his imaginations. He learned to listen to his heart and realized his dreams were not just his but part of the universe’s soul.

Santiago yearned to travel to the world for treasures.

He set off from Spain, his home to Tangiers, and across the desert of Egypt until he encountered the alchemist. The Author is a Brazilian by the name Paulo Coelho, and the book was first published in 1988.

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