5 Religious Weapons Spiritual Leaders use in Battling Witchcraft

What glues people to the belief of their faith? It is the fear of God’s enemy- Satan.

Let’s look at the brief history of this heaven story. According to the Bible, the devil was once an angel but he disobeyed God’s word. It is the reason why he was chased from heaven and dropped on earth.

He ran with almost a third of the angels who became his followers. There work was to make sure that he attracts as many believers to his camp as possible. It is the very fear of the unknown that strengthens one’s belief in a supernatural being.

You strive to evade Satan’s nest through spiritual warfare. Religious leaders believe that every manifestation in the physical world has its roots in the spiritual world. This is the spiritual battle that exists between the believers and non-believers.

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How can you detect that you are under an attack from the evil forces?

Naturally, you have had unexplained failures and misfortunes in your life. Most of the time it is the work of the devil in your life. When you experience a series of recurrent failures then it is time to start a serious spiritual war. Here are a few indicators

  • Failed relationships
  • Generational curses
  • Emotional instability
  • Low spirit
  • Spirit if bitterness and anger among others

Most people blame the devil even in areas he does not play a part. You need to take responsibility for your poor life choices. In cases where you have tried your best then you have a reason to blame the devil.

We cannot fail to recognize the fact that there are people who are willingly into devil worship with no apologies. These people act as agents of the devil. They will do all it takes to bring more and more people to Satan’s flock.

The common physical manifestations of the work of God’s enemy include

This is what brings about the devilish indicators discussed above. When one goes to a witch doctor to make your life miserable, then it is your faith in God that will save you. In the traditional society before the missionaries who brought Christianity; people used the evil supernatural powers to run their lives.

Christianity became an eye-opener on God’s existence.

What are now the weapons the spiritual leaders use to counter the devil’s work?

  • The word of God

Each religion has a holy book that guides their spiritual life. The books have teachings on what you need to do when attacked by the devil.

This is a strong weapon that every believer needs to arm himself with to overcome the devil’s action in their lives. Have you been tried and tested to a point that the only weapon you have is the word of God?

That is when you say that you are spiritually fit.

  • Prayer

In spiritual warfare there is communication. Prayer is the tool you use to directly communicate with God. In the Bible, there are examples of people who had breakthrough through prayer.

Do you only pray when you have a problem? No, prayer should be a routine. It is a sign of allowing a guardian angel to always protect you at all times. This does not mean that you will not face temptations. It comes in handy to give you the strength to go through the tough times in your life.

By the way, God also gives you tests in the form of trouble to test your faith in God. Have you seen movies of people who have been delivered from witchcraft activities?

A good home as stated here involves both the architectural design and the touch of interior decor. Prayer is the interior design of your spiritual well being.

  • Acceptance and rebuke the devil

If you do not take notice of the devil’s strategy you may have a wrong approach to his tricks. It is your spiritual strength that provides wisdom to detect the work of the enemy.

You will sense natural and unnatural issues in your life. It is this that gives you the courage to put the armor of faith to combat the devil from its roots.

  • Faith and Gods belief

It is only faith that gives you the desire to believe in what you do not see or feel or hear. You only deal with his manifestation in combating the enemy. If not, how then do you believe in a supreme being whose home is invisible?

Just like in psychology, everything is all in the mind. Once you know that you have conquered the devil than by faith, it is done. Conversely, when you accept and give him room to ruin your life. You will have numerous of his manifestations for you have opened your door for him.

  • Walk-in spirit

Where you mention the word then the spirit never misses. It is the Holy Spirit that completes the triangle of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Romans 4:8, it advises people to walk in the spirit.

This shows that it is the spirit that guides your path. Even if you have an evil spell; God will walk ahead of you. There will be no harm.

Witchcraft exists in every society in the Globe. It is the degree of effectiveness that matters.

Remember, the angels that accompanied Satan had different roles.

Did you get that? There is bureaucracy in the spiritual world.

This defines why some sorcerers are weak while others are strong. Religious leaders report that when two evil spirits meet then this is where their supremacy prevails. If it is only the evil spirit and Holy Spirit at work then the Holy Spirit is superior.

This only happens when you have faith and the spirit walks in you. As a religious believer, never in your Christian life allow the spirit to live you. How is this possible? It is following God’s word and walking in the path of righteousness that will allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you forever.

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