5 Occultism Inventions You Should Know

Life is a journey that’s never constant; it keeps on changing.

The early humans lived a simple life.


With time, humans have been adapting to their environment through inventions.

Most inventions come as accidents.

According to the Inventology by Pagan Kennedy, from his analysis of a 2005 survey, 50% of patent holders achieved their innovations unexpectedly.

Furthermore, the Pew Research Center found in 2014 that occultism is on the rise, with about 0.4% of the nation’s population identifying themselves as Pagan or Wicca.

This figure translates to about 1 million to 1.5 million people, outnumbering the Presbyterian Church members who make up 1.4 million people.

Studies project that the number of American pagans will hit 6.6 million by 2050, 1.5% of the American population.

There’re so many inventions that you know about and others you’re yet to know. Here’re the five inventions that you should know:

  • Worldwide telescope
  • iPhone
  • Water softening
  • Wii Fit
  • Tide to go

How Various World Inventions Support Occultism

The worldwide telescope

Telescopes are instruments that have been of great assistance to humans. Thanks to telescope invention, you get to know about space and the things that exist outside the earth.

The early telescopes required astronomers to observe the universe only when the skies were clear. The telescope used was the mill telescope. This was so challenging because space observation was limited.

Luckily, thoughtful inventors came up with the worldwide telescope. With this type of telescope, you can explore the universe as long as you have a computer.

The telescope technology has helped believers in the horoscopic cults. Horoscope predictions are now easier. The worshippers and followers of stars can now easily observe stars.

Knowledge of outer space is open to everyone, with the limitations of the early telescopes minimized. With the worldwide telescope, you can explore the universe using the information relayed from both the telescopes located on earth and in space.

The solar system can now be easily observed. You now have access to the stars, planets, and the moon as they orbit. The good thing is that the worldwide telescope is user-friendly. People of all ages can use it.

However, you need basic computer skills to operate the worldwide telescope.


iPhone is one of the highly influential products ever made. iPhone production has been successful, and its features have always made it top the list. With an iPhone, you have the world at your fingertips.

iPhone technology has created three different devices is one. It is a phone, an iPod, and an internet device. It is a phone that’s appreciated for its user-friendliness. Basically, anyone can use an iPhone.

iPhone has provided media through which occultic people can communicate with each other. The device’s perfect features make it the best phone to use for communication and the spread of cults to those in the groups.

You can use the phone to play music, watch movies and television shows. Those in cults can use it to listen to and watch their videos. It has numerous cult applications, each with its specified purpose. The iPhone invention was a thoughtful one, and it makes its fans go crazy.

The phone is everyone’s dream phone despite being related to a cult. Amazingly, they keep updating it to make a more modern and fantastic version of the phone.

Water softening for preservation

Water is categorized into two; soft water and hard water. Hard water has so many disadvantages. This led to the invention of ways to soften water. Water softening is the process whereby ions such as calcium, magnesium, and other cations are removed from hard water.

Hard water leads to wastage of soap and reduces the lifetime of plumbing materials. For so many years, man has always had problems with hard water.

Some cults believe that everything should be preserved. Using hard water requires a lot of soap, which results in wastage. Some cults are against this.

Water softening inventions have helped since with it, items such as water pipes and soaps are preserved. They also supply you with soft water for reduced wastage and better preservation.

The invention of ways to soften water has helped a big deal, and it has gathered huge attention from people.

Wii fit

Wii Fit is an invention that is a Nintendo product. It’s a fantastic invention that has played a significant role in changing the usage of a video games console. It has attracted the attention of masses of people who are addicted to exercise.

There are people who love exercising too much to the extent that they have formed a cult on exercise. This invention has helped these occultic people in their cause.

It has proven to be so essential and convenient for those who are not able to be regular workout facility visitors. With it, you can exercise from the comfort of your home. It helps users to set exercise goals.

The users can also track their progress as they exercise. It helps satisfies the needs of cult members obsessed with exercise. Whereas fitness is an exercise for some, it’s a cult for others.

Join cult exercise programs or fear them.

Tide to go

Another invention that captures the attention of many is the creation of the Tide to Go marker. This is a small device made to resemble a pen. It’s used to remove and clean up food residue when there is a spillage while eating.

Accidents can happen anytime. When out on a date with your smart outfit, you might spill food on yourself while enjoying your meal. When this occurs, take out your Tide to Go and remove the residue.

After doing this, press the tip of the device, and it will release some cleaning solvent that you’ll use to clean the spot. Lovers of excessive cleanliness can now rest easy.

Some occultic people believe that even a spec of dirt on them is like an abomination. They prefer to be super clean always. The Tide to go invention has helped them preserve their occultic beliefs.

This invention has come to the rescue of many. It is an invention that, at first, you may not think it exists. But owing to the kind of help that it offers, you should know about it and even try it. Tide to Go saves the day and is loved by so many users.


They say necessity is the mother of invention. As we live on earth, we find ourselves in positions that need creative inventions to solve our problems.

Occultism inventions have really helped to solve some of the problems that occultism believers wanted to solve. However, more non-occults benefit immensely from the inventions.

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