Study of the Pentagram Meditation and its Effects

Study of the Pentagram Meditation and its Effects

Dennis R. Wier describes a form of meditation involving the movement of consciousness using the form of a pentagram.

Will in Magick


Will is a concept encountered time and time again in occult writings, yet it is possibly one of the least understood, or most misunderstood. Percy Bullock (Frater Levavi Oculos), a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn stated that “Will is the grand agent of all Occult Work; its rule is all potent […]

Schizophrenia and Trance

In my book I wrote about the possibility of mimicking schizophrenia by means of trance techniques. I conducted an experiment on myself in which I created more than two simultaneous separate trance states and then examined the relationship from one of the trance states to the others. One of the separate trances I created was […]

A Suggested Model for Trance

Introduction The field is open for nearly anyone to propose a theory of hypnosis. If the real work of science begins once a community of workers has adopted a unified theoretical paradigm (Kuhn, 1962), then, arguably, the real work of the science of hypnosis has not yet properly begun. So long as there is no […]

Dio the Wyrd: Trance Scientist

Text of Internet-Interview by Alan Frostick (KERNEL Goa, Hamburg) with Dennis. R. Wier (known to his friends as Dio the Wyrd), director of the Trance Institute, Bruetten, Switzerland January 2001. A condensed version of this interview was published in german in the Mushroom Magazine, Hamburg Feb. 98. To be published in PLUR magazine (Taiwan) in […]

An interview with Dennis R. Wier

How did you get interested in trance? Well, I have been meditating since the 1960’s and intensively since about 1965. During these past 35 years or so I realized that I must be addicted to meditation since I like it so much. I was curious what the connection between addiction and meditation might be, and […]