“Pale Prophet” or Ancient Alien?

“Pale Prophet” or Ancient Alien?

The Pale Prophet who visited the Americas in the first century A.D. certainly knew how to make an entrance the people would never forget.

Angel Spells

Contacting Aliens and Angels with Ciphers and Symbols

I learned from my initial research into Dee and Enochian magick that it is an astonishingly complicated subject, so I turned to an expert. Aaron Leitch is the author of several books in the field that attempt to make the study a little easier for the uninitiated.

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch – Poltergeist Activity and the UFO Phenomenon

The Supernatural is a key element in discovering the true origin of our ultra-terrestrial visitors That poltergeist activity often follows in the wake of a UFO encounter is a generally recognized fact and has been documented frequently by researchers of alien abduction and other paranormal investigators.

Study of the Pentagram Meditation and its Effects

Study of the Pentagram Meditation and its Effects

Dennis R. Wier describes a form of meditation involving the movement of consciousness using the form of a pentagram.

Will in Magick


Will is a concept encountered time and time again in occult writings, yet it is possibly one of the least understood, or most misunderstood. Percy Bullock (Frater Levavi Oculos), a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn stated that “Will is the grand agent of all Occult Work; its rule is all potent […]

America’s Spiritual Destiny – From UFOs to the Prophecies of the Presidents

I have written here previously about a new book from Tim Beckley’s Inner Light / Global Communications publishing house called America’s Strange And Supernatural History:, which recounts numerous little known paranormal and simply weird moments in the life of this nation. Everything from the “survival cannibalism” that took place one savage winter in the American colony […]

America’s Strange and Supernatural History – Proof Positive that we are a Weird Nation

Words like “strange” and “supernatural” are admittedly relative terms whose true meaning exists in the mind of the beholder. What one person calls strange and supernatural, another might call commonplace or, conversely, too unreal to even contemplate taking seriously. But when reading America’s Strange And Supernatural History, a recent offering from Tim Beckley’s always-cutting-edge publishing house, […]

The False Schism of Modern Life

Without stopping to consider what your personal values want to contribute, quickly think of the definition of success. If you allow yourself the liberty of being completely honest, you probably conceived an image of some phase of material opulence. The US and associated WASP allies have developed the most opulent culture in the history of […]

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of a good meditation practice are many and well documented over the last several thousand years. Since this book is an introduction I’m only going to illustrate a few of the simpler, more common benefits. I want to stress however, that there are many more benefits than just these. Balance – One of […]