5 Occultism Inventions You Should Know

Life is a journey that’s never constant; it keeps on changing.

The early humans lived a simple life.


With time, humans have been adapting to their environment through inventions.

Most inventions come as accidents.

According to the Inventology by Pagan Kennedy, from his analysis of a 2005 survey, 50% of patent holders achieved their innovations unexpectedly.

Furthermore, the Pew Research Center found in 2014 that occultism is on the rise, with about 0.4% of the nation’s population identifying themselves as Pagan or Wicca.

This figure translates to about 1 million to 1.5 million people, outnumbering the Presbyterian Church members who make up 1.4 million people.

Studies project that the number of American pagans will hit 6.6 million by 2050, 1.5% of the American population.

There’re so many inventions that you know about and others you’re yet to know. Here’re the five inventions that you should know:

  • Worldwide telescope
  • iPhone
  • Water softening
  • Wii Fit
  • Tide to go

How Various World Inventions Support Occultism

The worldwide telescope

Telescopes are instruments that have been of great assistance to humans. Thanks to telescope invention, you get to know about space and the things that exist outside the earth.

The early telescopes required astronomers to observe the universe only when the skies were clear. The telescope used was the mill telescope. This was so challenging because space observation was limited.

Luckily, thoughtful inventors came up with the worldwide telescope. With this type of telescope, you can explore the universe as long as you have a computer.

The telescope technology has helped believers in the horoscopic cults. Horoscope predictions are now easier. The worshippers and followers of stars can now easily observe stars.

Knowledge of outer space is open to everyone, with the limitations of the early telescopes minimized. With the worldwide telescope, you can explore the universe using the information relayed from both the telescopes located on earth and in space.

The solar system can now be easily observed. You now have access to the stars, planets, and the moon as they orbit. The good thing is that the worldwide telescope is user-friendly. People of all ages can use it.

However, you need basic computer skills to operate the worldwide telescope.


iPhone is one of the highly influential products ever made. iPhone production has been successful, and its features have always made it top the list. With an iPhone, you have the world at your fingertips.

iPhone technology has created three different devices is one. It is a phone, an iPod, and an internet device. It is a phone that’s appreciated for its user-friendliness. Basically, anyone can use an iPhone.

iPhone has provided media through which occultic people can communicate with each other. The device’s perfect features make it the best phone to use for communication and the spread of cults to those in the groups.

You can use the phone to play music, watch movies and television shows. Those in cults can use it to listen to and watch their videos. It has numerous cult applications, each with its specified purpose. The iPhone invention was a thoughtful one, and it makes its fans go crazy.

The phone is everyone’s dream phone despite being related to a cult. Amazingly, they keep updating it to make a more modern and fantastic version of the phone.

Water softening for preservation

Water is categorized into two; soft water and hard water. Hard water has so many disadvantages. This led to the invention of ways to soften water. Water softening is the process whereby ions such as calcium, magnesium, and other cations are removed from hard water.

Hard water leads to wastage of soap and reduces the lifetime of plumbing materials. For so many years, man has always had problems with hard water.

Some cults believe that everything should be preserved. Using hard water requires a lot of soap, which results in wastage. Some cults are against this.

Water softening inventions have helped since with it, items such as water pipes and soaps are preserved. They also supply you with soft water for reduced wastage and better preservation.

The invention of ways to soften water has helped a big deal, and it has gathered huge attention from people.

Wii fit

Wii Fit is an invention that is a Nintendo product. It’s a fantastic invention that has played a significant role in changing the usage of a video games console. It has attracted the attention of masses of people who are addicted to exercise.

There are people who love exercising too much to the extent that they have formed a cult on exercise. This invention has helped these occultic people in their cause.

It has proven to be so essential and convenient for those who are not able to be regular workout facility visitors. With it, you can exercise from the comfort of your home. It helps users to set exercise goals.

The users can also track their progress as they exercise. It helps satisfies the needs of cult members obsessed with exercise. Whereas fitness is an exercise for some, it’s a cult for others.

Join cult exercise programs or fear them.

Tide to go

Another invention that captures the attention of many is the creation of the Tide to Go marker. This is a small device made to resemble a pen. It’s used to remove and clean up food residue when there is a spillage while eating.

Accidents can happen anytime. When out on a date with your smart outfit, you might spill food on yourself while enjoying your meal. When this occurs, take out your Tide to Go and remove the residue.

After doing this, press the tip of the device, and it will release some cleaning solvent that you’ll use to clean the spot. Lovers of excessive cleanliness can now rest easy.

Some occultic people believe that even a spec of dirt on them is like an abomination. They prefer to be super clean always. The Tide to go invention has helped them preserve their occultic beliefs.

This invention has come to the rescue of many. It is an invention that, at first, you may not think it exists. But owing to the kind of help that it offers, you should know about it and even try it. Tide to Go saves the day and is loved by so many users.


They say necessity is the mother of invention. As we live on earth, we find ourselves in positions that need creative inventions to solve our problems.

Occultism inventions have really helped to solve some of the problems that occultism believers wanted to solve. However, more non-occults benefit immensely from the inventions.

7 Best Selling Occultist Books on Amazon

Several years ago, many people hid their love for reading occultist books. They kept their reading habit a secret because they feared societal judgment.

But… Alas!

They were surprised to find out that more people were into reading occultist books than they thought.  

In the past two decades, occultist books garnered more fans and enthusiasts. This has seen many bookstores today featuring specific sections for occultist items. Some stores even focus on selling only occultist books.

For example, Vera Stanley Alder’s autobiography, “Finding of the Third Eye,” has sold over 50,000 copies, and the four volumes on “Karmic Astrology” by Martin Schulman sell copies in thousands each year.

Here’re are the best-selling occultist books on Amazon with some selections available as hard copies in your online or offline library:

1. The Shooter’s Bible

This is one of the best reference books for gun collectors and gun enthusiasts, no matter the age of the person. This comprehensive book has been published every year for almost a decade.


Many people buy the book because it gives a guide for new firearms and how they’re specified. It also discusses the many guns that had been produced years ago and still on the market.

Authored and edited by Jay Cassell, the editorial director at Skyhorse Publishing, this popular book has scripted almost every manufacturer of firearms.

The 111th edition of this book has existing and new ammunition accessories. It also has an updated handgun section and tables on rifles alongside charts that show currently available projectiles and bullets.

If you want to learn how to increase the longevity of your rifle, this is the book for you. With multiple ar 15 bolt carrier group accessories listed, you’ll get the information you need to make your rifle reliable and durable for smooth operation.

Necessary for all beginners and experienced firearm collectors and hunters, this book has timely features on the newest firearm products on the market. It also covers both color and black-and-white photographs of various firearm models.

2. The Forbidden Universe

This is an occultist book by Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett. The book explains the origin of science and the search for ways that God created everything, including the Catholic Church.

It captures a debate among the secret societies, mystics, scientists, and the ways of God.

The Forbidden Universe reveals how the modern science foundations aimed at destroying the church in “The Templar Revelation” and “Mary Magdalene” bestselling authors.

3. Unlimited Memory

The book Unlimited Memory explains how humans can use advanced learning strategies to be fast learners, more productive, and even remember more.

The writer, Kevin Horsley, is an internationally renowned grandmaster in memory, and a two-time memory world recorder.

Kevin Horsley, in “Unlimited Memory,” explains that when you find yourself in a situation in which you can’t remember anything and your memory has been failing you, then basically, it’s your fault.

He says that just like in athletics when you want to become a better athlete, you have to train daily. It would be best if you also worked on your ways of developing a great memory. 

4. For the Hell of It

Written by Cate Corvin, a Goodreads Author, “For the Hell of It” is a book on steamy romance for older readers of at least 18 years.

According to the book, when demons capture the character and force it into the fight of the Seventh Circle of Hell, it must stay alive. This should occur for a time long enough to enable the character to find its way back to Heaven and destroy the archangels who betrayed her.

She mentions that the character is pure and innocent, and the demons will have a good time corrupting her. The character considers herself as no saint and mentions that if Heaven doesn’t accept her, she will be bad for the Hell of it.

5. Spirit Legacy

E.E. Holmes is the writer of this wonderful occultist book.


It’s one of the three thrilling novels that Holmes wrote in the Gateway Trilogy series. It’s an engaging thriller book for young adults.

It’s about a young woman, Jess Ballard, who is sharp-witted. The discovery of her psychic talents is just the beginning of her coming-of-age journey that’s singular.

6. Tears of the Silenced

This story by Misty Griffin, a Goodreads Author, is an attention-capturing true story that unravels the journey of an activist who went through child abuse and sexual assault.

At the age of 6, Misty’s family started living and dressing like the Amish. They were kept as slaves on a mountain ranch where they were isolated and sexually abused. She went through a lot with her sister.

Misty had to get help from a tiny police station in rural Minnesota because the Amish sex abusers were only shunned for about six weeks. And, this never seemed to work.

After reporting the bishop of the church, she left the Amish and got herself into a strange modern world.

7. The Alchemist

This story is about a young shepherd called Santiago. He found a treasure beyond his imaginations. He learned to listen to his heart and realized his dreams were not just his but part of the universe’s soul.

Santiago yearned to travel to the world for treasures.

He set off from Spain, his home to Tangiers, and across the desert of Egypt until he encountered the alchemist. The Author is a Brazilian by the name Paulo Coelho, and the book was first published in 1988.

5 Arcane Occult Practices History Has Taught Us

Since the beginning of time, religious doctrines and belief in the mystic have frightened humans. It has also helped in the advancement of human knowledge. Describing the word occult is a challenging task because people have divergent opinions about what the word means.

To some people, it implies that witchcraft and evil behaviors, while others see it as a sphere of paranormal activity and secrecy. Occult means hidden knowledge, and religious occultism is the study of hidden wisdom or knowledge. Other religious beliefs have distorted its meaning, which has resulted in fear of the word or its practice.

The occultist has several paths, which makes simplifying it tough. That is why it is useful to discuss these specific paths. 

For those who follow these beliefs, it serves as a spiritual experience for them, but it isn’t all of them that call themselves occultists. That is why it is crucial to understand the differences between them. 

These are five mysterious and obscure practices throughout history.


It is an old practice that subsumes other ideas, works, books, and wisdom under it. Hermeticism began around the second century in a collection of letters credited to Hermes Trismegistus. These writings are known as Corpus Hermatica, where he tried to pass on knowledge to a student.

Hermeticism is associated with concepts of contemporary Gnosticism and Astrology. It has the purpose of attaining a pure appreciation of God’s Knowledge and separating natural from mystical thoughts, through discernment.

We can conclude that although these foundational concepts were vague, they led to the initial stages of our scientific and industrial advancements today by asking questions about the unknown and finding solutions. Gnostics, Alchemists, and Freemasons are branches of hermeticism.

Researchers have concluded that the science behind alchemy wasn’t about gold but experiences they could gain along the way. Nonetheless, hermeticism differs from science. While science seeks to understand the natural world, hermetic try to study the supernatural and attain the wisdom that is not obvious or intuitive. 


Demonism is the belief about demons. A student of demonism aims to call upon real demons to perform a task. Some other occultist practices and Christianity refer to these demons as entities whose purpose is to perform evil acts in the world and undermine right. 

The Holy Bible, which records the first teachings of the Christian religion, describes that these dark forms as fallen angels. Since then, they have been consistent throughout other religious teachings. Examples such as Our Lady of Holy Death and Santa Muerte appear independent of Christian principles.

Since the olden times, occultists have tried to exploit these spirits to do their bidding and perpetrate evil. Occultists use rituals and incantations to call upon a mix of demons for various intents. Some works such as the Grimore of Pope Honorius and Lesser Key of Solomon have detailed instructions about summoning demons.

Dictators and serial killers are rumored to be under the influence of these demons because their actions and deeds seem too cruel to be human. Others attribute war, sickness, and starvation to their handwork.


Spells are theoretically recitals, words verbalized by an apprentice using paranormal powers to affect physical objects and events. They have been vocalized since the beginning of time. Although some believe that charms, ceremonial rituals, and tokens are needed for a spell to unleash its power. Others have determined spells work on their own.

Some practitioners speak them in a determined order; however, others demand flexibility with it. Examples of frequent spells are Hocus Pocus, Sim Sala Bim, Abracadabra, etc. For eons, people have gathered together to chant magic words to change history and events.

They include red magic spells, which are basically about love, money, and the good things of life. On the other hand, there are black magic spells that show the convoluted and twisted side of human thought. Most times, people use it to effect hardship or bad luck in others. Fairies, witches, and wizards use these mantras.


People often misinterpret the occult and Satanism as the same thing, although they appropriate ideas from each other. Satanism is a religious belief based on Satan. The roots of Satanism are hard to identify because the church annihilated these groups whenever they tried to establish themselves. They are c rivals of the church.

It is linked to revered and worshiped creatures or entities that are shadowy.  Some include Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, and Marduk, the patron god of Babylon. Forms of Satanism are the Church of Satan, Our Lady of Endor Coven, Luciferianism, Order of the Nine Angles, and Temple of Set.


Divination is the method of seeking wisdom and information from the future through paranormal and magical means.  It is the process used by mediums and psychics to predict the future. Some popular types of divination include Bibliomancy, dowsing, astrology, numerology, and cartomancy. Others are tarot reading, scrying (crystal balls), tarot, and cowry shell divination. 

Some occult organizations are

  • The Church of Satan
  • Fraternity of the Hidden Light
  • Rosicrucian Fellowship
  • Thule Society
  • Hermetic Brotherhood of Light 
  • Ordo Templi Orientis
  • Fraternity of the Inner Light
  • Builders of Adytum


In conclusion, occultism is an alternate way of seeing the physical universe and all that it encompasses. History has shown that it is full of mystery, but we can learn realities and remove deceptions about the world that exists.  Other occultist practices to check out are séances, symbology, Wicca, necropants, and human sacrifice.


  1. Listverse
  2. Gaia
  3. Learn Religions
  4. Eric Barger

5 Religious Weapons Spiritual Leaders use in Battling Witchcraft

What glues people to the belief of their faith? It is the fear of God’s enemy- Satan.

Let’s look at the brief history of this heaven story. According to the Bible, the devil was once an angel but he disobeyed God’s word. It is the reason why he was chased from heaven and dropped on earth.

He ran with almost a third of the angels who became his followers. There work was to make sure that he attracts as many believers to his camp as possible. It is the very fear of the unknown that strengthens one’s belief in a supernatural being.

You strive to evade Satan’s nest through spiritual warfare. Religious leaders believe that every manifestation in the physical world has its roots in the spiritual world. This is the spiritual battle that exists between the believers and non-believers.

Candles light. Christmas candles burning at night. Abstract candles background. Golden light of candle flame.

How can you detect that you are under an attack from the evil forces?

Naturally, you have had unexplained failures and misfortunes in your life. Most of the time it is the work of the devil in your life. When you experience a series of recurrent failures then it is time to start a serious spiritual war. Here are a few indicators

  • Failed relationships
  • Generational curses
  • Emotional instability
  • Low spirit
  • Spirit if bitterness and anger among others

Most people blame the devil even in areas he does not play a part. You need to take responsibility for your poor life choices. In cases where you have tried your best then you have a reason to blame the devil.

We cannot fail to recognize the fact that there are people who are willingly into devil worship with no apologies. These people act as agents of the devil. They will do all it takes to bring more and more people to Satan’s flock.

The common physical manifestations of the work of God’s enemy include

This is what brings about the devilish indicators discussed above. When one goes to a witch doctor to make your life miserable, then it is your faith in God that will save you. In the traditional society before the missionaries who brought Christianity; people used the evil supernatural powers to run their lives.

Christianity became an eye-opener on God’s existence.

What are now the weapons the spiritual leaders use to counter the devil’s work?

  • The word of God

Each religion has a holy book that guides their spiritual life. The books have teachings on what you need to do when attacked by the devil.

This is a strong weapon that every believer needs to arm himself with to overcome the devil’s action in their lives. Have you been tried and tested to a point that the only weapon you have is the word of God?

That is when you say that you are spiritually fit.

  • Prayer

In spiritual warfare there is communication. Prayer is the tool you use to directly communicate with God. In the Bible, there are examples of people who had breakthrough through prayer.

Do you only pray when you have a problem? No, prayer should be a routine. It is a sign of allowing a guardian angel to always protect you at all times. This does not mean that you will not face temptations. It comes in handy to give you the strength to go through the tough times in your life.

By the way, God also gives you tests in the form of trouble to test your faith in God. Have you seen movies of people who have been delivered from witchcraft activities?

A good home as stated here involves both the architectural design and the touch of interior decor. Prayer is the interior design of your spiritual well being.

  • Acceptance and rebuke the devil

If you do not take notice of the devil’s strategy you may have a wrong approach to his tricks. It is your spiritual strength that provides wisdom to detect the work of the enemy.

You will sense natural and unnatural issues in your life. It is this that gives you the courage to put the armor of faith to combat the devil from its roots.

  • Faith and Gods belief

It is only faith that gives you the desire to believe in what you do not see or feel or hear. You only deal with his manifestation in combating the enemy. If not, how then do you believe in a supreme being whose home is invisible?

Just like in psychology, everything is all in the mind. Once you know that you have conquered the devil than by faith, it is done. Conversely, when you accept and give him room to ruin your life. You will have numerous of his manifestations for you have opened your door for him.

  • Walk-in spirit

Where you mention the word then the spirit never misses. It is the Holy Spirit that completes the triangle of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Romans 4:8, it advises people to walk in the spirit.

This shows that it is the spirit that guides your path. Even if you have an evil spell; God will walk ahead of you. There will be no harm.

Witchcraft exists in every society in the Globe. It is the degree of effectiveness that matters.

Remember, the angels that accompanied Satan had different roles.

Did you get that? There is bureaucracy in the spiritual world.

This defines why some sorcerers are weak while others are strong. Religious leaders report that when two evil spirits meet then this is where their supremacy prevails. If it is only the evil spirit and Holy Spirit at work then the Holy Spirit is superior.

This only happens when you have faith and the spirit walks in you. As a religious believer, never in your Christian life allow the spirit to live you. How is this possible? It is following God’s word and walking in the path of righteousness that will allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you forever.

Largest Collection of Gun and Pistol Book Library

Information is power. It is upon you to get the right information from reliable sources to improve your knowledge base. When it comes to guns and their uses then this is information that you get from books or rather internet sources. Remember this is a delicate topic that you may find limited sources and a gun and pistol library is the best place to have a one-stop tool. If not you can also be an author of the collection and publicize it to get more readers- what a way to generate income.

Some of the interesting topics that will attract readers to your collection include

· The best gun for an emergency defense
· How to use the gun at home
· 10 safety tips on gun usage
· Gun rules and regulations
· What’s a revolver in gun control?
· Where can you get a cheap gun?
· The paperwork involved in the gun acquisition
· How a gun saved an unborn child from the fire?

Good to Read for Drivers

The topic is what drives the reader to either purchase the collection of not. You must make sure that the first topics and catchy and interesting. They must incorporate matters of public interest. You cannot forget to market the collection since this is what will make people to even understand that there is such a collection in the market. We are in a digital era and its good use come in handy to make sure that you get a varied audience. You can also create a blog of a topic and put a disclaimer” for more of these get the gun and pistol library collection either on online shops or physical shops.

It is important to incorporate…

your audience into the collection. Different countries have different policies when it comes to gun control. If your target audience is the developing world them you need to customize the topics to accommodate them. If it is in the developed world then the topics will take a different dimension. In case you are targeting the global market then you need to accommodate all the continents in the collection. As much as you want to inform readers about all it takes to have a gun, make the collection as interesting as possible. This includes some of the graphics to make the viewer visualize the notes in line with the practical outlook of the security gadgets.

The cover page must also have…

an image that will make someone who is not even interested in the gun to have a look. The next page should leave someone in a dilemma in such a way that he thirsts to get more information. You are not only targeting people in the industry but just from the collection you are also recruiting more people to be stakeholders in the security industry. Use your collection to make sure that readers have accurate and factual information. Take care of the government policies so that you do not get in a collision with the law of the land.

Was Aleister Crowley a Satanist? Was Aleister Crowley a Satanist?

It is not uncommon to read the name Aleister Crowley linked to Satanism or Devil-worship. Various statements made by Crowley, or attributed to him, are used as proof that he was the archetypal Satanist. This stance is taken by many Christians, and it is no surprise that many Satanists claim Crowley as one of their diabolic brethren. However, there are many occultists who reject the belief of Crowley-the-Satanist. Many of these occultists are Thelemites, followers of Crowley’s magickal system of Thelema, however there are some Satanic groups who also reject the idea of Crowley being a Satanist.

Born Edward Alexander Crowley on 12 October 1875 in Warwickshire, England, he went on to become an influential member of several occult organizations, including the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Ordo Templi Orientis. He was a prolific writer who has had an undisputed impact on modern occultism, and in his time garnered a great deal of notoriety as the self-professed Great Beast of Revelations.

Many of the people claiming that Crowley was a Satanist base their assumptions on literal interpretations of his writings. It is clear that some of Crowley’s writings were extremely anti-Christian, and Crowley claimed that Friedrich Nietzsche, a vehement anti-Christian, could be considered one of the prophets of Thelema. In Liber AL vel Legis, Crowley’s central holy book for Thelema, we find the lines:

“51. With my Hawk’s head I peck at the eyes of Jesus as he hangs upon the cross.
52. I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed & blind him.
53. With my claws I tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din.
54. Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous creeds.
55. Let Mary inviolate be torn upon wheels: for her sake let all chaste women be utterly despised among you!”

To many Christians this is clearly “Satanic” and highly offensive, as it is to Muslims and Buddhists also. However, to be anti-Christian doesn’t make someone a Satanist per se, and doesn’t indicate that the person identifies with the popular conceptions of Satanists.

There are various apologists for Crowley’s cruder writings and anti-Christian sentiments. In The Eye in the Triangle, Israel Regardie, a student of Crowley, suggested that “anyone who says Crowley was a Satanist and a devil-worshipper should have his head examined.”

Julius Evola, in his book Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism, suggested that:

“It is however necessary to see that Crowley did not put Satan in the place of God, given the high regard in which he held traditions, like the Kabbalah, which venerated a divinity… Finally, … the ostentatious Satanism of Crowley is explained only in terms of an antithesis to Christianity whose doctrine condemned the senses and the integral achievement of man, however, in his case, with an initiatic and ‘magical’ basis rather than naturalistic.”

The claim of Crowley as Satanist is exemplified by Crowley’s literary executor and biographer, John Symonds, writing his book The Great Beast, that:

“Crowley’s philosophy takes a bit from here and a bit from there… but… he was more a Satanist than anything else. ‘I serve my great Master Satan’, he wrote in one of his franker confessions, ‘and that august Council composed of Beelzebub, Lucifuge, Asmodeus, Belphegor, Baal, Adrammelech, Lilith and Nahema.’”

Crowley wrote of being the servant of Satan, “the Devil, our Lord … whose number of magick is 666, the seal of his servant the Beast” in his ritual for the Attainment of Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel (Shaitan-Aiwaz). Kenneth Grant, another student of Crowley, wrote that: “this whole ritual is an invocation of Shaitan (Satan) or Set”. It is easy to see how The Great Beast 666 gained the reputation as a Satanist and hardcore anti-Christian.

Aleister Crowley died in a Hastings boarding house, 1 December 1947 aged 72. He was cremated in Brighton and his funeral service included the reading of Crowley’s own poem, Hymn to Pan. Local newspapers called the service a black mass, furthering the Great Beasts image as a Satanist.

The simple answer to the question of Aleister Crowley having been a Satanist is that there is no definitive answer. It is not possible to ask Crowley how he viewed himself (except perhaps at a séance), and even if he made one claim or another, it would be difficult to determine whether he simply wanted to create an image and reputation for himself or whether he genuinely upheld these views. Crowley was a complex figure, whose writings where often unclear or veiled in symbolism and metaphor. It is left up to the reader to decide how they choose to view Crowley, the man, the myth, the occultist.

History of the Kybalion

The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece was published in 1908 and claimed to contain the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (Hermeticism). Many of the ideas in the Kybalion are actually modern concepts found in the New Thought movement.


The Kybalion is credited to the authorship of “Three Initiates” who chose to remain anonymous. As such, there is only speculation about who the actual authors of the book really are.

The following people are commonly suggested as authors, either alone, or working together:

William Walker Atkinson. He was known to use various pseudonyms was the owner of the “Yogi Publication Society of Chicago” who published The Kybalion. He was known to have self published various other works. The main evidence is that he had earlier published a series entitled The Arcane Teachings, which has some similarities to The Kybalion. For example, while The Kybalion examines seven “Hermetic Principles”, The Arcane Teachings explores seven “Arcane Laws”. Likewise, The Kybalion is said to be an elucidation of an ancient, unpublished Hermetic text called The Kybalion, and The Arcane Teachings claims to reveal the wisdom of an ancient, unpublished scroll of occult aphorisms. Both books describe the three “Great Planes” of reality which are subdivided into the seven lesser planes and the also both describe three of the lesser planes as “astral black keys” analogous to the black keys on a piano, and inhabited by elemental spirits. Further, both of these books describe a process of “Mental Alchemy” which are almost in complete agreement with each other.

Paul Foster CaseMichael Whitty and Charles Atkins, (chiefs of the Thoth Hermes temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). It is often claimed, sometimes by members of the Builders of the Adytum, that Case was one of the authors of The Kybalion. The Fraternity of Hidden Light are likely the originators of this claim. Case was certainly a notable author of this period of time, and had a good knowledge of the concepts and principles outlined in The Kybalion. The first seven lessons from the Builders of the Adytum study course talk of similar concepts to The Kybalion. The lessons were originally written by Paul Foster Case, and later additional information was added by Ann Davies. It is impossible to tell if The Kybalion influenced the lessons, or offers evidence that Case (or Davies) were involved in writing The Kybalion.

Other people suggested to be co-authors of The Kybalion include: Harriet Case (Paul Foster Case was her husband at the time The Kybalion was written), Ann Davies (who was the head of B.O.T.A. after Paul Foster Case), Mabel Collins (a Theosophical writer), Claude Bragdon (a writer on “mystic geometry” and a known Theosophist), and Claude Alexander (a stage magician, mentalist, proponent of crystal gazing, and New Thought author).


Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher, is referenced in The Kybalion, and is said to have shown a good understanding of Hermetic Principles. Spencer is said to have been a reincarnation of a 5th Century BCE Greek philosopher, Heraclitus.

Thomson Jay Hudson, a psychical researcher is mentioned in the chapter on Mental Gender. Hudson formulated the Three Laws of Psychic Phenomena, which was published in 1893. He is well known for his theories of the subjective and objective mind.

Hudson’s three laws are as follows:

  1. Man has two minds: the objective mind (conscious) and the subjective mind (subconscious).
  2. The subjective mind is constantly amenable to control by suggestion.
  3. The subjective mind is incapable of inductive reasoning.

William Walker Atkinson, influential in the New Thought Movement, and credited with authorship with The Arcane Teachings. If The Kybalion was not written by Atkinson or adapted from the The Arcane Teachings, then it would appear likely that this series was influential in the development and philosophy of The Kybalion.

Rama Prasad, a Theosophist and author of the classic book Nature’s Finer Forces, published 1894, may have had some influence on the Kybalion, if for no other reason that The Kybalion’s author choosing to mention the use of the term “Nature’s Finer Forces” when talking of seven sub-planes of the Plane of Energy.

Hermes Trismegistus, perhaps only a mythical influence. The Kybalion has many influences from Hermetic Philosophy. The Kybalion uses the Hermetic Axiom “As above, so below; as below, so above” which is found in the Emerald Tablet.

Derivative works

Divine Magic: The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. This book claims to present a more modern version of The Kybalion and includes a companion meditation CD. The author claims that one can learn to master one’s moods, release negativity, manifest “higher levels of abundance”, and attract new opportunities into one’s life with the aid of the teachings of The Kybalion. This is similar to the Law of Attraction popularly marketed as The Secret (book and movie). It is no surprise that William Walker Atkinson, a possible author of The Kybalion also wrote a book in 1906 entitled Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.

Summum, an esoteric organization. This group rewrote The Kybalion to incorporate the Principle of Creation, which they claim to be the grand principle underlying the existence of The ALL, and the source from which the previously detailed seven Principles emanate.

Water Softeners in Acient Times

It transforms hard water into so-called soft water. The reduction of the mineral content leads to a transformation. The heavy water contains mainly calcium and magnesium metal and sometimes bicarbonates and sulfates. Soft water, on the other hand, is a type of water in which this mineral content is practically nonexistent.

The method was used in ancient times to reduce calcium, magnesium and, in some cases, manganese and iron (II) dissolved in hard water. The truth is that the conditioner is a chemically rigid water return system in soft water. Should you pick this water softener is the question many people try to find answers to.

Softners substitute the calcium and magnesium content in hard water with sodium. Sodium does not accumulate in the tubes and does not react to soap. This means that the effects of raw water are eliminated. The principle of the softening system is easy to understand. Rough water penetrates the water softener. It contains a layer of plastic balls and in some cases, the material used is called zeolite. The material layer in the water balsam is saturated with sodium ions. Sodium is exchanged for hard water, calcium, and magnesium. When the water comes out of the conditioner, it is called soft water.

At one point, the plastic beads or the zeolite layer are only saturated with calcium and magnesium ions. This is followed by a regeneration process in which the water with high sodium content is mixed to form a strong saline solution. Sodium ions, in turn, replace calcium and magnesium ions that eventually flow into the drainage channel.

Conventional table salt is cheap. Salt or sodium chloride is a source of sodium for water softeners. A lot of salt costs something. It is a good source of sodium that is used in the water softener. The water softening system utilizes several cylindrical tanks and large square tanks. The tanks store the already treated water and the tank is used for the salt used in the process. The number of tanks depends on the energy and the system itself.

When installed at home or at home, the softening system is located at the main entrance of the sanitary system. In this installation method, all the water entering the house has already been cleaned.

Water softening systems are of two types. One is an electric balm for a tank. This type is not only expensive but also a system with a few drawbacks. Soft water can last until the system uses a tank. This can also lead to inconveniences, as this type requires high pressure. The night brings great pressure. Noise from the motor operation is not desired during these hours.

The double hydraulic tank is another conditioner. This type ensures a constant supply of soft water to the household. Two tanks alternately perform softening and regeneration processes. Thus, there is no chance of evacuating the supply of soft water.

Salt containers should be filled regularly. Most softeners have no salinity indicator. It is a wise decision to regularly check the salt level to avoid contamination of the water tanks. Conditioners work continuously without salt, which can lead to contamination of the tanks.

Saltwater softening systems are not 100% efficient. The calcium and magnesium content of the water is only 75% removed. The salt-based conditioner also releases a large amount of calcium chloride solution into the environment. Which of the two water softener? Both ancient and modern softners are good but the modern ones are the best.

Occult Welding Helmet Design

While operating a welder which uses either electric arc or gas, then you need to be careful as it produces light that can cause damage to the eye. Only a few seconds of contact with the bow can seriously damage your vision and you may injure yourself by looking at the flame of a gas torch. For this reason, glasses are indispensable and for welding.

The most important issue to consider when buying an extremely versatile welding helmet is which lens is right for you. Typical or passive welding helmets are as familiar today as they were 50 years ago. While these headphones are currently manufactured as an alternative to thick molded plastic leather flooring, they provide the necessary security at a low cost.

The display object is often a special colored frosted glass that usually has a hue of 10 along with ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) coatings. At what point the welder is ready to start welding, nod or click on the neck, and the helmet lowers before striking the arc. When done, the sweater stretches the hand to rotate the helmet and then back to see the workpiece and move it to the next weld.

Ordinary helmets that are available at reasonable prices have several disadvantages. Generally, it is difficult to hold the torch within the desired point to start welding after the helmet is lowered, especially for beginners. When welding in enclosed spaces such as cars or low loaders, there is not enough space to turn the helmet up and down. The infinite function of swinging up and down leads to a concern with the neck after the day of welding. In addition, raising and lowering the cascade as a last resort is inefficient, especially when producing a large number of belts.

Occult welding helmet design solves all these problems. As an alternative to the conventional side of the tinted filter automatically dimmed the earphone includes an electronic lens and are sometimes influenced by functions that cause a corresponding painless weld. Check www.bestweldinghelmet.review/

The auto-dim-filter lens is a special liquid crystal display (LCD) whose construction is similar to that used to display digits for a digital alarm clock. Filter cartridges are mainly powered by a combination of battery and solar power. In addition to the lens, several light sensors are mounted to detect the arc. Although the lenses are not activated, the automatic dimmer LCD filter usually has three or four tones that are relatively easy to detect as sunny tones.

This improves arc ignition because you can see the face of the MIG gun, the TIG torch, or the welding electrode in relation to the material being welded. After firing the arc, the headphone sensors darken the lens to a pitch of 9 to 13 depending on the parameters, countless times faster than you can blink. As the filter system has UV radiation in addition to the applied IV coating, the eyes are protected against harmful rays, regardless of whether the active/inactive iris is active. Best of all, the helmet stays on until you fulfill your duties. Self-darkening welding helmets allow exact positioning of the weld with the cap installed. You do not need to click on the head to lower the helmet. There is insufficient welding when the flashlight moves.