Study of the Pentagram Meditation and its Effects

Study of the Pentagram Meditation and its Effects

Dennis R. Wier describes a form of meditation involving the movement of consciousness using the form of a pentagram.

Will in Magick


Will is a concept encountered time and time again in occult writings, yet it is possibly one of the least understood, or most misunderstood. Percy Bullock (Frater Levavi Oculos), a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn stated that “Will is the grand agent of all Occult Work; its rule is all potent […]

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of a good meditation practice are many and well documented over the last several thousand years. Since this book is an introduction I’m only going to illustrate a few of the simpler, more common benefits. I want to stress however, that there are many more benefits than just these. Balance – One of […]

Feeling Energy

If you’ve been doing the exercises that I’ve described then by this point you’ve probably had some interesting experiences with feeling your own internal energy and drawing energy into your body. Now we’re going to work with feeling external energy. As you progress with this you’ll not only be able to feel your own energy, […]

What is Meditation? Learn to use your true inner power!

Meditation is simply the art of focusing on any given subject with total concentration. There are many systems and styles of meditation, approached with varying degrees of formality. All are useful for various folks for various reasons, and discovering which one is right for you can be an interesting journey. Meditation has been used universally […]

Basic Meditation Exercises

(Authors Note: Before reading this you should see my other articles on Breathing and Full Body Awareness) Now that you’ve begun to develop the ability to move energy around in your body there are some things that you can do with it. The following exercises range from pretty simple to pretty complicated, but as you […]

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